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Two snow plows parked in public works garage

Name the Plow - Time to Vote

Voting is now live until November 30. The top names will be revealed to the public on Monday, December 4th via our website and social media channels.

Vote for the top 7 names today!


Name the Plows - Call for Submissions

It's time to unleash your creativity, Riverview!

Although many dread the inevitable task of clearing snow, our snow plows and their heroic operators are always ready for the challenge! We need your help to give them names to cheer them on better as they plow the roads this winter. We have seven snowplows needing names — head over to www.919thebend.ca/name-the-snow-plows and submit your coolest names for Riverview's snow-clearing fleet. From Riverview-specific names to laugh-out-loud puns, we're looking for a variety of names that will suit our plows hard-working style.

Suggestions are being accepted on the online form until November 22, with final voting to narrow down from the Top 20 beginning on November 27.

Thanks to our partners 91.9 The Bend and City of Moncton / Ville de Moncton for getting in on the fun.

Submit your names today!

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