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A Passion for Compassion: Dayzee’s Fashions

Shannon Shaban of Dayzee’s Fashions noticed there was something special about Riverview when she and her mother relocated their thrift shop to 540 Pinewood Road in November of 2020. Shannon was immediately struck by the friendliness and kindness of residents stopping by. 

“Riverview is filled with fun-loving citizens that welcomed us with open arms,” says Shannon. “The community of Riverview is very important to us and getting to know our regular customers is a consistent goal of ours. We are inspired by the politeness and kindness of the younger generations who always put a smile on our faces.”  

Now celebrating 39 years in business, there is a cyclical relationship that has been cultivated between Dayzee’s and Riverview. Residents support the shop by donating clothing and household items, which prevents clothing waste from ending up in landfills. Dayzee’s sells these items at a discounted price, and in turn depends on their customers to generate sales. Anything not sold is recycled and sent to people in other countries who are in need. Dayzee’s also repays their customers by holding a 50% off sale during the year as a thank-you for consistently supporting them, and gives Riverview Rewards members 10% off their entire purchase.  

Dayzee’s makes every effort to better the planet and the community. In addition to recycling their clothes, they give back to the community by standing up against bullying and have become a well-known haven for anyone struggling with mental health issues.   

“All employees of Dayzee’s Fashions are more than prepared to protect anyone feeling threatened within the community. We pride ourselves in welcoming visitors of all cultures and backgrounds here,” says Shannon.  

The inclusivity of Dayzee’s also extends to those they employ, as they know that developing a sense of worth and being engaged and involved in the community is an important part of developing good mental health. Community is family to Dayzee’s, and it is Riverview that keeps their business growing.  

From protecting the planet from clothing waste to being an anti-bullying safe space, Dayzee’s Fashions is a thrift shop deeply connected to Riverview's roots. Visit them at 540 Pinewood Rd to find a new-to-you treasure, and follow their Facebook Page to keep an eye out for any upcoming sales and events.


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