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Pete and Jeff Grandy cheers a beer on the patio of Holy Whale Beer Hall

A Whale of a Tale - Brewing Dreams in Riverview

Photo by Jason Bowie Photography


The gratification of making a product that people will enjoy — and be willing to spend their money on — is a feeling many small-business owners are familiar with. It’s a delight that brothers Jeff and Pete Grandy have been chasing since they started experimenting with alcohol brewing as a hobby in their teen years, taking over two rooms in their parent’s basement with carboys. 

As they grew up and moved to different provinces, working in different fields, they would take advantage of any visits together to brew some beer. About 10 years ago, they took the bold next steps in building a business. Jeff quit his job, enrolled in a two-year brew master program, and Pete would study everything Jeff was learning on top of working as a mechanical engineer and college instructor. The following years were a juggle of family life, work, and building their business model.  

“I moved back to PEI after completing my program,” said Jeff, “My girlfriend (now wife) and I had our daughter, I got a job at a bar, and we continued building our business plan and hustling for startup funds. And of course, in our spare time, we were always brewing beer.” 

A former church came up for sale on Alma’s busy main street and the Holy Whale was born. The heart of their business was to sell not only great beverages but also be a conduit for people in the community to enjoy each other’s company.  

After a year in business, the pair sought ways to get their products closer to people in the off-season winter months. In 2018 they won a contest and moved into an outfitted 20’ shipping container next to the Chocolate River Station, and the support of residents and visitors began to grow at this new riverfront location. Within a month they experienced two unfortunate break ins — their electronics and cash on hand were stolen, along with excessive damage to their new location that was just starting to build a customer base. Riverview’s community spirit came through for Pete and Jeff in a very difficult time. 

“Initially, the break ins sort of crushed our spirits. It wasn't so much what we had lost but the violation and gratuitous damage was a major bummer. That is, until a lot of folks in the community made the point of coming out and having a drink or two on the decking area. We received so much support following both instances that we were able to pay for all the stolen items, cash, and damage, within a few weeks. It was very touching that this happened in such a way. From that point forward, we knew we had found the right home in Riverview,” says Jeff.  

Holy Whale Brewing has since expanded to a larger location inside and behind of the Chocolate River station, purchased the shipping container from the Town, and expanded operations into The Marvelous Holy Bowly. Patrons can enjoy small-ball bowling and the beverages they have come to love, with both locations often featuring live music and entertainment.   

The Beer Garden has added a large cornhole game and more shaded seating for customers. Pete and Jeff have taken feedback from their customers and this summer have added tiki cocktails and Pizzazzler slushies to their regular offerings. There are three refreshing cocktails that rotate throughout the summer — be sure to stop by and enjoy the fun atmosphere and welcoming community feel!  

From PEI, to living on opposite sides of the country, and now calling New Brunswick home, the Grandy brothers have enjoyed eight years of business ownership with no signs of slowing down. In their own words, 

 “We are always trying to capture some joy and have fun with what we do. Riverview and Alma mean everything to us and our families. We feel welcome here and hope to contribute more added value and positive experiences to both municipalities that mean so much to us.”  

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