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Believe in Your Dreams - Restaurant Finds Longevity in Riverview

When Jumpar (Mary) Tuspong was little, she would wake up early to help her mom before school. “My mother worked at our local market in Sakon Nakhon in Thailand. She ran a stall selling various food items that she would cook on the spot. She worked hard so that I could go to school and that’s how I became interested in cooking,” she explained. 

With a passion for cooking, Mary decided to attend The Royal Exquisite Thai Cooking School in Thailand and after graduating she worked for international hotels.  Her dream was to one day own and run her own restaurant. It wasn’t until she met Don that her dreams would become reality. 

“Mary worked at a restaurant in Calgary called Ruan Thai. Her pad thai was famous,” Don recalls.  
“I remember the first time I was there and met Mary. I went back a couple months later and struck up a conversation with her; we instantly clicked.” 

After several months of courtship, Mary made the move to Moncton where she started her new adventure with Don.  Don wanted to support Mary’s dreams, so they decided to lease the old Morton Pub. They renamed it to Royal Thai and opened their doors in late 2013 and in February 2014, they married inside their new establishment. Though they were just starting out as new business owners, they ran into challenges and after several months, they decided to close. “We were too big too soon, the place had a huge seating that we struggled with filling,” said Don. 

While Mary pivoted and started working for other Asian restaurants in Moncton, she still desired to have her own restaurant. After careful consideration, they decided to try again. Learning from their experience, they started the search for a smaller location. In the fall of 2018, Don and Mary opened Royal Thai in Riverview at 121 Pine Glen Road, where they remain today. 

So, what makes their food stand out? “We make everything from scratch - no shortcuts! We also try to take a healthier approach. We don't do MSGs and our spring rolls are deep fried in organic coconut oil. We also use olive oil in our stir-fry dishes,” explains Don.  

“Our food must be the best quality. We don't settle for second best and strive to give the best customer service. If a customer is not happy with their food, we try to make it right,” said Mary. 

To Mary, her customers motivate her daily, “I love seeing my customers smile when they eat my food. The people here are so friendly and extremely supportive. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.” 

If you’re looking for delicious Thai food, visit Royal Thai or check out their menu on Facebook. Thanwin and Mary will welcome you with a smile and are happy to tell you about the dishes, including their most popular items. 



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