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Fan Favourite – How This Riverview Restaurant Became a Household Name

A question so common it became a running joke on local social media groups - “Where’s the best Chinese food?”

The answer was often (by a landslide) - Kwong’s.

Kwong’s Chinese Restaurant has been a part of the Riverview food scene for almost 40 years, even before it could properly be called a scene. Today, many locals consider their food a weekly treat.  

Tony Pham’s family purchased the restaurant in 2004 from the original owner, who started it back in 1984. As Tony grew up in Riverview, he learned firsthand the ropes of this business from his parents. 

“I started working in the restaurant at a young age and as I got older, I developed a passion for the business and decided to pursue it as a career. I learned everything I could, from prep work and cooking to customer service,” Tony recalls.

Amidst a sea of Asian restaurants in the tri-community area, many offering similar food fare, it’s a wonder how they rise above their competitors while keeping up with demand. “I’m a true believer in hard work and dedication in what you do, and I’ve inherited this skillset from my parents,” explains Tony. “They have provided exceptional service and quality food for so many years and inspired me to do the same.” 

While maintaining a positive and welcoming atmosphere, many regular customers chat with the staff while they wait for their food. “I enjoy getting to know our customers and hearing their feedback. We are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy,” says Tony. 

Along with fostering customers relationships, he acknowledges that Kwong’s success is mainly due to overwhelming support from residents. “Riverview is a great place to run a business because of its engaged community. It's clear that our residents care deeply about supporting local businesses and this contributes to the successes of our community in all aspects.” 

If you want to try some delicious Chinese food, stop by Kwong’s Chinese Restaurant at 386 Coverdale Road in Riverview. They have the friendliest staff and a variety of dishes to suit every taste. 


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