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Kickstart your new year projects with Riverview’s Commercial Development Grant

Don't let your groundbreaking project be just another resolution. Seize the moment, embrace the possibilities, and usher in the New Year with the support you need.

The opportunity to save on the cost to build, redevelop, or expand your business is a great reason to consider the Riverview market for your next business venture. Visionary developers and business owners can obtain the Town’s support through the grant, which was established for commercial, non-residential, and mixed-use development projects across the community. 

The amount of grant money is indexed to the assessed value of the project it will support. For example, projects valued at less than $5 million are eligible for grants over a five-year period, and projects valued at more than $5 million could receive grant money for a decade. If the work will result in the property’s assessed value increasing by a minimum of $500 thousand, it may be eligible to qualify for the grant.

Successful past grant recipients include John Grass, founder of Grass Home. Grass said the program cemented his decision to build a state-of-the-art nursing home at 705 and 774 Coverdale Road. 

Grass said Riverview was his first location choice. While evaluating markets, he took into account traffic, service availability, the ability for ambulances to reach the site in a timely manner, property costs, construction costs, and ongoing expenses like property taxes. That he found a place that fit all those criteria and had the support of the municipality through grant funding was the “icing on top,” Grass said. 

“So, when you have a municipality that steps up and says, ‘we can help alleviate some of these issues,’ you know that’s not just talk because they’ll put you on a five-year plan to give relief,” he said. “It’s a great thing. It not only helps your decision-making, but it gives you some wiggle room in any business plan. And so that was really appreciated.” 

Whether you’re looking to save on developing a retail store, restaurant, or tourist accommodation, or any other in-demand venture, the Town of Riverview has you covered. Learn more about our Commercial Development Grant to build, redevelop, or expand at www.townofriverview.ca/develop

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