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KoolFood on Coverdale - Salah Elbey brings the Mediterranean to Riverview

Riverview’s newest restaurant brings the flavours of the Mediterranean home, providing a unique and highly anticipated option for local diners. Salah Elbey of KoolFood on Coverdale Road knows that local support drives business success and credits the local community for being like family.

Salah moved to New Brunswick from Tunisia for school in 2007, and immediately after graduation from NBCC began to work for Bell Canada as a Quality Analyst.

“I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and was waiting for the right opportunity to get started. In 2015 I purchased Freddie’s Pizza and loved the excitement of the food industry,” says Salah. “Getting to know Riverview better as a business owner was eye-opening in the best way possible. I didn’t hesitate when the next opportunity struck.”

In June 2023 the business next door to Freddie’s became available and it was the moment Salah had been waiting for. Having been supported from people in the Riverview community for the last several years, and noticing a gap in the Mediterranean food market, it just made sense to Salah to open a restaurant where he could share a piece of his home with those who had been so welcoming.

“It’s really not a common thing to have such friendly neighbouring businesses around, who care about you and check in. The support from the people in this community has been amazing and I knew I wanted to open my next restaurant here,” says Salah. 

KoolFood offers Maghrebi cuisine unique to Riverview. This consists of Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian food, with a full menu of Halal offerings. Salah is known as a driven and creative person, with a team-centered mindset and a dedication to excellence that is reflected in the quality of the food that is always served with pride.

Be sure to stop by KoolFood’s Grand Opening (508 Coverdale Road – Unit C) on Wednesday, December 6, from 12 – 10 p.m., where the special will be a plate of meat from the grill. They will also be serving complimentary tea and dessert with each plate ordered!

Riverview is lucky to have a supportive and friendly business community. It is thanks to the contributions of people like Salah that the sense of belonging he first encountered years ago is now being passed on and shared through his new business.

“My favourite thing about Riverview is the local businesses I’ve formed friendships with,” says Salah. “Community is just a big family, and it’s one that I’m proud to be a part of.”     

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