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Meat Masters - The Dynamic Duo Behind Riverview’s Old Time Meat Market

The partnership between Ellen MacDonald and Serge LeBlanc is built upon mutual respect, a shared passion for business ownership, and a relationship spanning over two decades. The proud owners of the Old Time Meat Market at 711 Coverdale Road, Serge and Ellen both have 35 years of experience in the meat industry and have been running the Market since 2013. 

Teamwork is the backbone of how Ellen and Serge run their business. Together they communicate their vision of quality products and exceptional customer service, and this passion is shared with their staff.

“Our team understands our philosophy that quality and kindness come first. To say that our staff members are valuable would be an understatement,” says Serge. “Ellen and I draw inspiration from each other. Living and working with your partner can be challenging, but we recognize our individual strengths and work as a team to keep things running smoothly.” 

The Old Time Meat Market is well known for its friendly service where customers old and new are treated as friends. It’s not just the sense of community that keeps residents coming back — their top-shelf products and special on-demand meat cuts have earned them their sterling reputation. They make their own variety of products in store, including bacon, back bacon, salami, pepperoni, donair meat, sausages, and schnitzel, just to name a few. If there’s something they don’t have, they will do their best to find it for you. 

“Part of what we love about our work is the community we serve. We have called Riverview home for over 20 years and that is why we support local sports, school groups, and community organizations, like the Albert County Hunters Association,” says Ellen. 

In addition to on-demand meat, the Market is now offering precooked warm meals and a variety of subs. All made in-house fresh and ready to go, you can bring home their pork ribs, macaroni and cheese, and pulled pork meals home for dinner. If you need a quick lunch, swing by to grab their steak, cold cuts, or turkey bacon sub, or a pulled pork wrap.

Whether you’re stopping in to grab a quick meal or top-shelf cured meat, you will be greeted with friendly enthusiasm and are sure to return to this Riverview staple.  

Staff at Old Time Meat Market

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