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Man approached red and white snow plow on a sunny day outside public works garage

Seven Riverview Plows Named in Public Contest

The results are in: Riverview residents cast thousands of votes in the community's Name the Plow contest.

The contest kicked off in November as an effort to draw attention to the outstanding efforts of the municipality's plow operators and engage the community ahead of winter parking restrictions. In a special announcement Monday morning on 91.9 The Bend, the seven plow names were revealed to resounding laughter across the Town.

We were blown away by the creativity of our residents,” says Riverview Mayor Andrew J. LeBlanc. “Seeing people promote their favourite name, especially the Frank L. Bowser extended family, was not only entertaining but also an engaging way to connect over an often-dreaded winter task - clearing snow. We're thrilled with the response and can't wait to thank operators and their vehicles with well-deserved shout outs by name this winter.

The seven names that received the most votes are:   

  • Frank L. Plowser
  • Scoop Dogg
  • Plowasaurus Rex
  • Fast and Flurriest
  • Sleetwood Mac
  • Taylor Drift
  • Plowabunga

The Town of Riverview, the largest town in New Brunswick, is home to more than 20,000 citizens. The Town maintains approximately 127 km of road, 37 km of concrete sidewalk, and over 30 km of trails. Operators work tirelessly throughout the winter months to ensure safe conditions for motorists and pedestrians. The municipality prides itself on maintaining a high service standard for snow clearing operations throughout the season for parking restrictions (from December 1 to April 1) and beyond.

Stay tuned to see the names officially decorating the plows and give them a honk or a wave as they clear the streets this winter.

The Town of Riverview thanks its partners The City of Moncton and 91.9 The Bend for collaborating on this contest.


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