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Dr. Margaret Dunnet with her office pets

Unleashing Quality Care — Coverdale Vet Hospital Serves Furry Friends for Over a Decade

A sense of belonging and support is at the heart of Dr. Margaret Dunnett’s small animal practice, Coverdale Vet Hospital. After working for 12 years as a small animal veterinarian, she was inspired to start her own hospital in her hometown that would provide a different experience for clients and their pets.

“I am passionate about exceptional customer service and patient care. These principles led us to change the way pets are handled and cared for at the vet hospital, considering every aspect from the pet’s point of view and eliminating fear, anxiety, and stress as much as possible. We became the first certified Fear-Free practice east of Ontario in 2020,” says Dr. Dunnett.

Fear-free certification means that all staff are trained in animal handling techniques that reduce and prevent animal stress. While many veterinary practices move towards corporate business ownership, Coverdale Vet is proud to be locally owned and operated. Dr. Dunnett operates a sister hospital as well, Coverdale Cats, that also incorporates a fear-free approach to pet handling and understanding specifically for cats. Dr. Dunnett strives to be the best veterinarian, business owner, animal advocate, and overall person that she can be.

Riverview is home to Dr. Dunnett in more ways than one. She grew up going to school and church in Riverview, and when she decided to open her own practice, she knew it would be here. The name Coverdale Vet Hospital is meant to encompass the area from Upper to Lower Coverdale with Riverview at the heart. Dr. Dunnett is passionate about the service that the Hospital provides to her community.

“Being able to run my hospitals with my patients, clients, and team as my primary focus allows us to respond to their specific needs and the needs of our community,” says Dr. Dunnett. “We added house call services for those who find it difficult to travel. This has been an incredible opportunity to interact with pet parents in the surrounding area.”

Dr. Dunnett’s approach to veterinary medicine has contributed to the Hospital’s reputation for kind, quality care. The Fear-Free Certification, as well as Gold-Level Feline Practice certification, have been tremendous accomplishments achieved through every team member’s commitment and dedication to creating a stress-free environment for their clients. If you’re looking for caring, quality pet care that is dedicated to a positive experience for you and your pet, be sure to book an appointment at the Coverdale Vet Hospital — Dr. Dunnett and her team would love to meet you.

Sunday, June 18 marks Veterinary Appreciation Day, so make sure to express gratitude to your veterinarian this weekend! In case you want to catch Dr. Dunnett when she’s not at Coverdale Vet Hospital or Coverdale Cats, you are likely to spot her relishing a brownie sundae at her son’s establishment, The Ice Cream Barn. If you happen to encounter her around town, don’t hesitate to say hello.

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