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Volunteering isn’t just about improving your community and helping others—you yourself will benefit from the experience. Many volunteers say it’s one of the most valuable experiences of their life. If you have the time—and maybe even some skills—to donate to a cause, the Town of Riverview would love to give you a platform.

How can you get involved?

Youth Opportunities

The Town of Riverview Parks and Recreation has several volunteer opportunities for youth.

  • Our popular summer volunteer program, Junior Leadership, offers the chance for youth to gain valuable experience, and learn new skills while having a lot of fun;
  • Our skatepark offers a chance to volunteer at the canteen plus some community events, such as "Clean up Day”, need all ages of volunteers;
  • Tech Tuesday - Want to share your knowledge of computers, Facebook, iTunes, Powerpoint, Skype, GPS, Windows, WI-FI, and Digital Photography? Every Tuesday evening, help seniors (60+) bridge the digital divide by giving them a one-on-one, hands-on training session. We are currently looking for youth to assist with this program.

For information about these programs, call the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Relations at 387-2024.


There are also plenty of organizations here in the area who are always looking for engaged Youth volunteers!

Click here to access our growing list of groups in need of volunteers.


Adult Opportunities


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